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"After all, we learn daily from news sources that our civil servants do not ware halos." ". . . the lid came off the homeowners insurance industry's money jar." "If I believed otherwise I'd be more than naive."


Eddie Evans




Blood Cleanup by Eddie Evans


Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Decomposition Cleanup





Below I use crime scene cleanup and biohazard cleanup interchangeably. They mean, more or less, the same, with some exceptions explained elsewhere.



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My name is Eddie Evans. I live in Cypress, California. As a Cypress resident I live pretty well, but I do not have the benefit of free enterprise in crime scene cleanup work, my chosen vocation. It happens that free enterprise in crime scene cleanup work does not exist in Orange County. This misfortune we owe to our Orange County Government, which ignores racketeering in the sheriff-coroner, public guardian, and fire department. Orange County's population pays more for its crime scene cleanup services as a result.


Whatever anyone says about crime scene cleanup, it remains simple blood cleanup task, a janitorial task. True, ebola and other bloodborne pathogens like HIV increased crime scene cleanup risks. True too, crime scene cleanup companies throughout Orange County and the rest of the United States use bloodborne pathogens as their rationale for price gouging families. Homicide, suicide, unattended death, decomposition, and trauma cleanup now cost thousands of dollars.


Before crime scene cleanup became a buzz word, few considered blood cleanup anything special, nothing worth $5,000 or even $40,000 for a simple suicide cleanup. Read my comments below on how legislation helped seed criminal racketeering across the US through county governments,


You see, victims of homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths become commodities in our county departments. Their families sometimes need someone to remove the postmortem remains of their family victims. County employees send these families to their own crime scene cleanup companies.


My price for homicide, suicide, unattended death, decomposition, and traumatic blood loss costs less than $899.00 for Orange County residents and businesses. Because of our county employees' monopoly over blood cleanup, I have no work in Orange County. I could easily retire and ignore this situation, but I do not believe that government employees should have any control over the market, period. So now I'm more of a biohazard cleanup consumer advocate than a biohazard cleanup business owner.




Orange County Employees' Cleaning Monopoly


Orange County Employees' crime scene cleanup monopoly proved its existence to me once I mastered Orange County's Internet for crime scene cleanup. Other key words that I placed on top of county Internet pages around the United States included these terms followed by cleanup:


  • accident
  • biohazard
  • blood
  • crime scene
  • death
  • homicide
  • suicide
  • trauma


These words mixed in various combinations and added to others allowed rank high for crime scene cleanup in Internet web pages. In those days my competitors had little savvy about web site ranking. Most interesting, they had no idea that the top Internet directory, search engine, in those days sought out kay words in domain names. I received well more than my share of top billings on Yahoo! early ono. Yahoo! held the top of the mountain for search returns when I started.


Times changed as google rose to the top; my methods changed as well. I still rank well in Orange County, but keep in mind there's pay-per-click page at the top of biohazard cleanup pages now. There's also business placement pages, which I enjoy with top billing for biohazard cleanup in Orange County on a number of key pages. Still, my telephone for Orange County biohazard cleanup, blood cleanup, and so forth does not ring. I, like my other free enterprise blood cleanup competitors, dropped the Yellow Pages because people did not look for blood cleanup help. They were already mislead by their coroner's employees.


After 14 years I have a good idea of the Orange County Coroner's Department's fraud against victims' families; how else might we explain the absence of families and businesses calling me for blood cleanup help?


A search of the Orange County crime scene cleanup Internet reveals that I have many web pages ranking on Google's number one page. It happens the same way on Bing and Yahoo!. At this very moment I have the top two, organic business web sites on Google for blood cleanup, both Cypress crime scene cleanup and Orange County crime scene cleanup. These listing change, but generally I hold 2 or 3 web sites on Google's first pages for some sort of blood cleanup.


A tiny fraction of county employees take part in blood cleanup racketeering. Perhaps it's simply cronyism like that practiced in Russia. In Russia the KGB ruling elite moved in to monopolize state assets for private gain; here county employees moved in to the private sector to make free enterprise their own self-enrichment enterprise: low risks, high rewards.


How could our tiny fraction of county employees not move into this type of government corruption?




Bloodborne Pathogen Legislation


The enticements were always there, but not much money for cleaning after death. Once our US Congress passed legislation to protect US workers from bloodborne pathogens. the lid came off the homeowners insurance industry's money jar, oddly enough. (return)


Germs like Human Immunodeficiency (HIV), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and now Ebola -- all viruses, became keywords for county employee scams. Family survivors of homicides and suicides became targeted prospects for biohazard, human blood, cleanup brokering. The irony of it all follows from the intent of this congressional legislation. It's goal to protect medical workers, primarily, somehow mutated into an opportunity for price gouging families victimized by violent crimes or experiencing an unattended death in their group.


Unattended deaths skyrocketed with baby boomers and their parents ability to live alone, enjoy discretionary incomes, and die unattended. Then there's the hospitals' reluctance to keep patience any longer than necessary, leading to problems for the elderly released to lonely homes.


Fame for the Janitorial Business


For thousands of years humanity's blood cleanup efforts were unremarkable. Now it's not only Hollywood famous, but it pays biohazard cleanup company owners thousands of dollars from each job, jobs with little expense. Mostly young white men, mostly, do the biohazard cleanup for for a fraction of the total fee. For certain, the referring county employees' 10 percent kickback exceeds the cleaners' wages in many cases. What's 10 percent or $5,000? Right, $500 for directing victims' families to a Cypress blood cleanup company.


Here's an example of what's at stake. Yesterday I worked at infectious waste cleanup following a recent unattended death 12 miles from my office. This job took 2 hours and paid $550. I bid for it before I saw it, so this story could have gone another direction. After 14 years of unattended death cleanup throughout California, I knew first-hand that $550 to travel 12 miles for one day could not be beat in my neighborhood. I returned home the same day and slept in my own bed. That call came by chance, not my hundreds of Orange County Internet pages.


These jobs do not come my way often because Orange County employees monopolization of unattended death cleanup. Most calls I receive from repeat business. Management companies familiar with my business, work, and our California county cronyism in blood cleanup call. So I do get to work at great expense. I'm on the road many days out of the year. Fighting government cronyism does not come cheap.


Yesterday's job would have cost $2,000 to $10,000 easily if another biohazard cleanup company received the work. More, I clean and do no or little demolition. Monopoly companies controlled by county employees prefer demolition to cleaning. Without structural damage to a dwelling or business there's no insurance coverage.





Prices - Thousands or Hundreds?


Without employees I have a very low overhead. In fact, the computer I write with sits in front of my living room window, my office view of my front yard. Without employees my insurance costs remain low. I have no workman's compensation insurance to pay. I have no workers' medical insurance to pay. No vacation pay for employees or myself. I read and write 7 days a week, every week - - no vacations from fighting government fraud.


So you see that I run a nice and lean business. Did I mention that I have fewer vehicles to keep on the road? Like any family owned business, say carpet cleaning or water damage and restoration, I need no employees. I need not charge thousands of dollars to pay off county coroner brokers.


As a biohazard cleanup company business family, my wife and I prepare for long road trips. So only by traveling long distances do I usually find biohazard cleanup work.


I used to fly to other states for crime scene cleanup work. I could underbid my competitors nationwide, fly to a death cleanup, do my blood cleanup work, and fly home; all of this included vehicle rentals, motel rental, chemicals and equipment, and dist ruction of blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). I also used toilets for blood disposal. When it comes to blood cleanup I have over 14 years experience in the blood cleanup business. I have one year in military blood cleanup tasks.


As a cleaning business person I study cleaning. Carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, natural stone cleaning and polishing, and even mold and water damage structural dry out.



My Written Guarantee


Elsewhere I write about my guaranteed prices and guaranteed work. I will return and make things right if I somehow error. It does not cost more because it's the same understanding placed upon an exchange of emails. For as long as I can remember email contracting has suited my clients as well as myself. In fact, I carry my email to the job. It serves as proof that I belong on the job. My email serves to prove to my client that I am who I say that I am.




We have a price, a date, work to be completed, and more on an agreement in writing. This way we have our understanding on the same page. In this way your crime scene cleanup service qualifies for a small claims action in Orange County Civil Courts. It's like any other contract, not signed, but qualified by our email names, time and date stamps, and our names. All of this information leads to our known identities for anyone to confirm.


This gives you a legal contract in any small claims court throughout California. I don't see doing business any other way than by email. Email benefits everyone because it requires less time, less money, and fewer resources. I do not see a better way of setting up a crime scene cleanup service.


Not many, if any infectious waste cleanup companies in Orange County offer the same or similar services as I do. My prices remain below my competitors in almost all circumstances. I do charge more for extensive travel; just the same, I still clean for less in most cases. One day when coroner and other Orange County employees no longer control Orange County crime scene cleanup, professional cleaners like me will remove infectious waste at competitive prices. Meanwhile, our Orange County government's select group of privileged, crony, employees will continue price gouging.


Unfortunate for most taxpayers and most of Orange County cleaning companies, homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup services disappeared from the free enterprise system. It's this way throughout the United States. After all, we learn daily from news sources that civil servants do not ware halos. Nothing short of a nationwide crackdown by the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the RICO Act can stop this monopoly over death cleanup. (return)




Where I actually cleaned and more information


Before 2005, I did receive referrals from our Orange County Coroner, which I thought were an infringement on our free enterprise system. But no one cared to listen to me. As a result I cleaned across the country, 24 states including California.


Orange County became off limits to Biosafe, California State Trauma Scene Practitioner licence number 134. Calls I received came from the Internet. Families from out of state called to ask for my cleaning services somewhere in California or elsewhere. I traveled as a result and offered my written guarantees for work and price; I routinely underbid my monopolized competitors.


Orange County, California's population continues to grow, as shown by the below chart; demographically, baby boomers and their parents die alone, unattended frequently enough. I should receive telephone calls for these decomposition cleanup calls. For Orange County crime scene cleanup itself, mostly suicide cleanup, I should find at least one or two suicide cleanup jobs a year in Orange County. I do not.


Either by design or chance, free enterprise crime scene cleanup cannot survive by advertising in Orange County without county employee referrals. That's what I've experienced and learned. If I believed otherwise I would be more than naive. (return)


I've started a blog for Orange County in particular and California in general. My first blog comments happens to cover some Orange County history. This Cypress new page is much like this Brea page for linking to a Cypress tree timming web site.



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